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How Much Business Do You Walk Away from Every Day?

How much business do you walk away from every day…every week…every year? Most network marketers get fixated on recruiting. That’s due in part to comp plans that offer incentives like free product or higher commissions, bigger bonuses or more BV for distributors compared to customers. I clearly remember one of my upline in a company […]

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MLM Success Tip…It’s Not a Sales Business

MLM success is about working with people and developing relationship skills…regardless of what you’ve been told (and this is good news) IT’s NOT a SALES Business. To succeed in MLM you must become the person others want to follow..which means developing your own brand of personal power. Daily Affirmations are The Key The place to start […]

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How to Create a Profitable New Year

The New Year is full of possibilities and excitement.  The slate is wiped clean and we start all over again. We breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the possibilities.  More income, better relationships, that trip we’ve always wanted to take but never wanted to spend the time or the money to make it happen […]

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If you must doubt…doubt your limits

If you must doubt something, doubt your limits. I have heard this piece of advice many times and always nod yes…great advice.  But what does it mean? Today I just happened to show up at someone else’s blog…just happened…and saw this video.  I think I followed a link from Facebook to get there, I don’t […]

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