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Ask a group of network marketers what their greatest challenge is and chances are most of them  will tell you it is developing a steady stream of high quality prospects.


I have been in and around this industry for a long time and on many occasions took the advice of my upline and generated a list of 100 people, family and friends, to call about my opportunity.  I was also advised to invite people to my home for informal presentations and take people to company meetings.  While I enjoyed some success, it didn’t last as very quickly I burned out.


Like the other  95% of people that get into network marketing full of energy and enthusiasm about sharing the product and making a long term residual income, I eventually got frustrated & dropped out vowing “never again!.”  In general I found that while my upline was often sympathetic and expressed a willingness to help, in fact they weren’t always available, and they didn’t really know much about training people or building a team anyway.  Many of them eventually quit as well.


Then by accident I discovered Mentoring for Free which offers training in  attracting people into my business and building personal power through self development. At Mentoring for Free there are 10 weekly coaching calls which are live and interactive.  There is also an extensive archive of training calls in a multitude of topics which can be downloaded onto your favorite device. You also have a personal mentor to help you implement the training and offer a blueprint for success regardless of the company you represent. In addition to being generic, all of the training is free. ..no credit card required.


How do you participate?  Here are the steps:

  1. Download and read the free ebook Success in 10 Steps.
  2. Listen to three recorded skills calls: Being all In, Business Models and Five-Pillars.
  3. Attend a coaching call with your mentor to get answers to any questions and receive a blueprint for success in your company.

What I have learned at Mentoring for Free is priceless.  I learned that network marketing is not a sales business but rather a relationship and education business, and that people don’t join companies, they join people they know, like and trust.


Mentoring for Free is more than just education.  It is an effective lead generation system which has helped thousands achieve success in network marketing.  As such it is also a systematic way to train new downline members of my team who, if they are coachable, will learn the skills they need to attract the right people into their business without calling family and friends.


A big part of my Why is:   To leave a legacy of healthy, financially independent and heart centered people who are empowered to do the same for others around the planet.


I know if you join Mentoring for Free and are coachable you will be successful in your chosen company, and I can help you do that.


Get started today.  Click here to download the ebook.


To your success!!
Celeste Smucker

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