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5 Pillars

Are your financial stability, your kids college fund and/ or your retirement security at risk ?  They are if your network marketing  company does not have  the five critical components it needs to be one of the top in the industry.  If one of these is missing you are putting it all at risk.

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How Many of the 5 Pillars Does Your Company Have?

 Start by considering the following...if you represent a good solid company you will find all the help you need for free…
  1. Your training is free and you have access to all the resources you need to succeed
  2. No one will suggest that buying leads is a good idea
  3. You should never have to call family or friends to generate business….Really…isn’t that a relief!  (All of which means if the first piece of advice you get is to make a list of and start calling the 100 people you know best…aka your warm market… run the other way…fast :)

What are the five pillars?

A high degree of integrity.  This means in part that the management has been in the field and know first hand what it is really like to be a distributor. Also check that the company has in place a dispute resolution system and can’t refuse to renew a distributor’s agreement without cause. Yes, this means you have to read the Policy and Procedures.  Sorry about that.

Timing…choose a company that has some longevity and a proven track record (3-5 years) that is debt free.  If you get in too early, you take a big chance that the company will fail leaving you with nothing.  Too late and the company has already gone through its big growth phase..called momentum…making it difficult to really grow a business there.

A comp plan that works…for you.  Most distributors don’t know that with some comp plans they can earn thousands a month with less than 500 people in their organization while others require 2000 or more to make the same amount of money. Which company would you rather work for?

A remarkable product, but….make sure there is a huge market for it.  Don’t make the mistake of falling for the product and then looking for a market, or worse yet assuming everyone you know will feel the same way. I promise you (based on long experience and many rejections)  they won’t. Start by finding what people want, then fall in love with a product that will fill this demand at a reasonable price.

A tested proven and duplicatable system…  To succeed in network marketing success you must have a system to find a consistent flow of targeted leads and a mentor to show you how to find them.  Most companies don’t offer much in the way of this kind of training. The system should be free, proven and include ways to prospect without calling friends and family.  

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