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Branding Yourself….YOU are the Message

MLM is is not a sales business.  It’s a teaching & mentoring business.”   -Michael Dlouhy


Most people choose their MLM company because they fall in love with the product.    They discover what they think is the perfect product, the one that’s going the change the world and everything about it, and then attempt to market it expecting everyone else to agree that it is the greatest thing that ever happened.  Their upline tells them “make a list of the 100 people you know best and call them.  Don’t worry when they say No. In fact that’s good news, it just means you are one step closer to a Yes.”    If only it were that simple.  Unfortunately as the NOs start to pile up and family and friends start avoiding them or not returning their calls, the new marketer feels humiliated and discouraged and many will quit after the first couple of calls rather than face the rejection.

The Key to MLM Success

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YOU are the Message

With this kind of approach to MLM success, it’s no wonder 95% of new network marketers fail, and most that don’t quit, manage to sponsor less than 3 new distributors.  Very few people can stomach this kind of  rejection. Those that don’t quit outright  may try to come up with another option like running an ad or posting on social media.  Then they  get very caught up in “What ad should I run?” or “What is the most effective kind of post?” Of course, some ads out-pull other ads, but ultimately the key to  success is not going to be the ads. The key to your success is:

Can you generate a steady stream of people looking for a solution to their M-L-M frustrations, and can you build  strong relationships with the people you talk to?”   You need to figure out where the people are that will buy your product and then show up there and be the kind of person they turn to to help them succeed.  In other words, the key to your success is you, not your product, its YOU. What a concept!

Now this is not to say that you don’t need a great product.  You do, and it needs to be well priced.  It needs to be a product that people will buy as a customer whether or not they have plans to ever become a distributor.  How do you find such a product?  Simple…find out what is in demand and then fall in love with a product that meets the demand.  If you are going to promote a product successfully as a business it is also a good idea to check on the company itself, the owners, the Policies and Procedures and the Compensation plan.

How Does Your MLM Company Stack Up

There are actually 5 Pillars that should be in place in any company you choose to join. If you choose to join a company that doesn’t have all 5 (because you never investigate past the product or you are so enamored of the product you plow ahead in spite of the warning signs) you are asking for trouble.  MLM companies come and go all the time being forced out of business by poor management decisions, making claims that get the FDA involved, or just not keeping up….like not having a good, user friendly website.  If you join such a company and get a nice monthly cash flow going you may be shocked one day when it suddenly stops because the company for whatever reason is out of business or so poorly managed that everyone in your downline suddenly decides to quit.  Not that long ago I spoke with someone whose cash flow dropped from $50,000 per month to $5,000 per month almost over night.

In addition to having a great product and a solid company, you must have access to a workable, duplicatable system that you can use to help your prospect be successful, and of course it helps to be genuinely interested in helping them to achieve their dreams.  For most people this is going to require more than just making a list of 100 people they know and calling them about a product, company or business opportunity  (in fact this will drive more people away than will choose to join them).  Instead you need to find a system that helps you attract targeted leads (people who genuinely need and want your help) and let the system help you help them succeed by using the same system.

This means it is you who are the message, not the product or the company. And that means you can get what you want by being who you are, not by talking about how great your product is.

To your success.




PS,  For more insights on this important issue start by downloading the Success In 10 Steps eb00k.  It’s free.  If you don’t like it, you can ignore it.  If you are like hundreds of other people you will see it as the first step towards turning both your life and your business around.


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