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A Listening Trick That Will Change Your Life

We all know how important listening is for better relationships, more and better quality business transactions and an overall happier life. When it comes to talking, less is usually more if it means we are doing more listening. Of course if it means we are doing more multi-tasking or our thoughts are wandering who know […]

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How Much Business Do You Walk Away from Every Day?

How much business do you walk away from every day…every week…every year? Most network marketers get fixated on recruiting. That’s due in part to comp plans that offer incentives like free product or higher commissions, bigger bonuses or more BV for distributors compared to customers. I clearly remember one of my upline in a company […]

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If you must doubt…doubt your limits

If you must doubt something, doubt your limits. I have heard this piece of advice many times and always nod yes…great advice.  But what does it mean? Today I just happened to show up at someone else’s blog…just happened…and saw this video.  I think I followed a link from Facebook to get there, I don’t […]

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Motivational Activities Keep You Pumped

Have you ever attended a sales meeting or training which had as it’s primary purpose to get you revved up and motivated?  Or maybe you’ve read some motivational books or listened to some inspirational downloads that have the same purpose? What do all of these motivational activities have in common? When these motivational activities are […]

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