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Family & Friends, Not the Best MLM Leads

IF you’ve ever joined a network marketing company you have heard this sage advice about finding the best MLM leads for your business.  Start by making a list of 100 people you know well.

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Avoid the stress of calling family and friends.

The “make a list” advice is followed by “put every name on the list, don’t pre-judge, you never know who might join you.”  Most people are a little concerned about calling people they see regularly about a business opp, let alone someone they haven’t talked for five, or ten or twenty years.  “No worries,” your wise sponsor says, handing you a script and telling you to call your top 20 names and tell them all about your new opportunity. Sound familiar? How well did that work for you? How many people do you think get past the first 5 or 10 or 2 rejections?

Somewhere there is a special archive of objection handlers for sponsors.  When you admit to having call reluctance they often go for the guilt trip approach. They tell you about the old friend they hadn’t spoken to in 30 years who was thrilled to hear from them, but admitted that they had an incurable disease and might not last out the year.  Fortunately for them, your fearless sponsor introduced their dying friend to your company’s flagship product and almost overnight they were cured. Now they are out telling the story to everyone they meet while they promote the product.

After you express amazement they ask you “How would you feel if you had an old friend with the same exact condition, but because you were afraid to call them they didn’t have the benefit of this incredible product and died? Don’t you think this person would thank you for calling them?”  Feeling motivated yet?

Unfortunately, especially for brand new distributors, calling friends and family can be a quick trip to dropping out of the business. When newbies, full of excitement and promise, start calling on  their warm market they are frequently surprised to learn that not only do their friends have absolutely no interest, but sometimes they are downright mean about it. They start monitoring their caller ID and stop taking the newbie’s calls.  They may talk about them and their ridiculous opportunity behind their back or cross the street to avoid them.

Being alienated from close friends and family is no fun and for many the pain gets to be too much. How many times have you walked away from a network marketing company, even when you loved the product because you couldn’t bear to be on the outs with friends and family?

Still another upline motivational favorite is “don’t worry, or don’t take it personally. You have to go through a lot of no’s to get to the yeses, but it’s worth it, look at all the money I’m making, you can too if you’ll just get out of your comfort zone and make a few of these calls.”

Occasionally someone you know actually decides to join you in the business, and like 95% of people who get into network marketing, they fail…and who do they blame for the money they spent  and the dashed dreams when they realized their lives would never resemble the ones of the fabulously wealthy people in the videos.

And the good news is….there is another way.mlm leads, free mlm training

Traditionally network marketing is portrayed as being all about selling which means  convincing people to join you whether friends, family or cold calls (you did call your dry cleaner, your grocery checkout clerk and your remodeler didn’t you?).

These people may or may not want to buy your products…and its even more likely they won’t want to become a distributor.  This means convincing them to join you in your deal is an uphill battle.  Makes me tired to think about. And for those that chose to join you, you may spend even more time and effort convincing them to stay every month about auto ship time when they threaten to drop ou.

But network marketing is not a sales business…its an education and relationship business. Imagine how different your life would be if instead of convincing people who aren’t interested to join you, you only talked to people who want your help with their business or who are looking for a company to affiliate with?

What if your only job was to be in contact with them, help them learn the skills they need to succeed and wish them well? What if you only talked to people who want to talk to you?

If you like this idea, Click Here. There is a simple three step process (and an unlimited number of training resources) that can turn your business around, and no one will ask you to pay for the training. This generic system works in any network marketing company and has worked well for hundreds of people for over 10 years

All the best.

What are your best ways to generate leads for your business?

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    great post!

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