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Four Steps to Powerful Positive Self Talk

Do you want to change your life?  Start with the four simple steps below and follow up with persistence every single day.  The results will amaze you.
Four Steps to a Powerful Self Talk (Affirmation) Process
  1. Always create your self talk (affirmations) in the present tense.   I am peaceful, I attract new people
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    “If you want happiness to bloom within you…simply cultivate the seeds.”
    Thich Nhat Hanh

    into my business every day, I love my life.  Never put them in the future as in I will have a huge organization, I will attract the perfect mate, etc.  Stating them in the future always puts them out there…just out of reach. The future is an illusion.  It’s always arriving but it never gets here because all we ever really have is the present.  So don’t make your affirmations about the illusory future, anchor them in the only time you have:  NOW.  An effective way to anchor your self talk firmly in the present is to precede each affirmation by saying:  Here and now in this moment I am….and then state what you are such as powerful, wealthy, joyful, a wildly successful network marketer.  State clearly whatever you wish to create, but put it in the present tense as though it is already here. In truth it is, you only need to uncover it.

  2. Make your affirmations positive:  I am wealthy.  Not:  I am not poor.  Your subconscious will seize on the word poor and create that for you.  Don’t let that happen.  Give it a positive to latch on to.
  3. Create a positive context.  Think of a time when you were extremely happy, proud, ecstatic…a high point in your life. Maybe it was the birth of a child, when you graduated from college, the first time you heard your child read aloud, your wedding day.  Imagine yourself in that situation right now.  What do you feel?  Happiness, joy, peace?  Fulfilled, accomplished?  Come up with two or three positive words that when you say them to yourself they pull you back into that situation.  I used a time I experienced at a meditation retreat when I felt peaceful, ecstatic and fully aligned with my purpose.  So for a long time I started each affirmation with…I am aligned, peaceful and ecstatic followed by whatever it was I intended to create.  For example, I am aligned, peaceful and ecstatic and I create more and more abundance every day.  By reminding yourself of the emotion of that particular moment you bring a lot of power to your affirmations.  Which brings us to the final point…
  4. Always say your affirmations with emotion.  It is the emotion that fuels the affirmations and makes them come alive so your subconscious seizes on them and runs with them. Creating a powerful context super-charges that process.
Make the Most of Your Affirmations
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Consistent positive self talk will change your life forever.

Most of us start this process with a lifetime of negativity to overcome.  That means your mind is loaded with negative mind chatter, and to really maximize the impact of your affirmations, you need to say them multiple times every day. I suggest at a minimum repeating them 1000 times per day. 1500 is better.

That may sound difficult, but it’s not.  It’s a matter of focus, a choice you make in every minute of every day to create the life you really want for yourself.  So…
  1. Choose your favorite affirmation and count the number of times you can say in one minute.
  2. Then look at your watch and start repeating the affirmation with emotion as often as you can in one minute. If you can say them 20 times in a minute, and if you speak them continuously as you drive someplace on a  10 minute errand, you will have said 200.  Say them in the shower, when on a walk or a run, when driving to work, waiting in line.  You have lots of opportunities during the day.  Instead of listening to the news or a book on tape or a music download, use the time to repeat the positive self talk that will change your life.

Follow these steps and your life will never be the same again.

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