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How Much Business Do You Walk Away from Every Day?

How much business do you walk away from every day…every week…every year? Most network marketers get fixated on recruiting. That’s due in part to comp plans that offer incentives like free product or higher commissions, bigger

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How much business are you walking away from?

bonuses or more BV for distributors compared to customers. I clearly remember one of my upline in a company I was in once bragging about how she rarely if ever signed customers.,,,it was a point of honor with her…something that in her eyes put her above the rest of us.

But the numbers say this is a mistake. The numbers say that if you talk to 100 people, 10 are interested in being customers and of those, one will choose to sign on as a distributor. That means if you are ignoring customers you are walking away from a lot of business….about 90% of what is possible. Even if your pay plan rewards recruiting, you can still make a lot more money if you don’t ignore nine out of ten prospects.

Also, talking people into being distributors who really aren’t interested is like trying to canoe upstream…you’re going against the flow. In my experience people who come on reluctantly don’t usually stick around. I signed a lot of people during a time when a company I was with offered free product to distributors who joined and stuck with their auto ship for at least three months. Great incentive, but a lot of them, maybe most, stayed long enough to get the free product and then canceled their auto ship. Soon after that many of them were just plain gone.

Imagine if you went shopping for a new watch or some cosmetics. You go to the counter with your selections and the store owner suddenly starts talking to you about how you can pay a little more, become a distributor of these fine products and start selling them to your friends. All he needs is your social security number and oh, by the way, you need to enroll in autoship, but no problem you’ll soon be paying for the product with what you earn on your sales. I don’t know about you but I would walk out leaving my purchases on the counter.

If you have a great product, and most network marketing companies do, then getting customers is a lot easier than getting distributors. If you follow up with them regularly and they like the product chances are good they’ll stay with you for a long time. Some may give you referrals expanding your network, and some may join you.

Many distributors, especially new ones, find themselves in this situation of converting customers because they have a product that solves a problem, like a health challenge, and they go looking for who they know that may be suffering from that issue. But people with health problems may or may not have the mindset of an entrepreneur. If you want entrepreneurs, people with potential to be distributors then you need to learn where they hang out and go talk to them. They may or may not have a health problem but if they are looking for a business, they are a way better prospect to become a distributor than someone who is only interested in getting well.

Bottom line, if you want distributors, do a targeted search for people who are candidates for starting a home based

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Go where business people gather to find prospects.

business and approach them about your opportunity. Meanwhile, don’t try to convert the rest of them…the ones that just want to feel better, more secure, or save money, but have no interest in starting a business…into distributors. You might convince a carpenter to become a ballerina on a good day, but chances are good they won’t last….so why go against the flow. Make them a customer and move on. You’ll be wealthier and a lot less stressed as a result.

And one final note….there are companies that reward you for customers on par with distributors. Find one of them and you’ll really be on your way.

For more info about how to attract targeted leads into your business click on the link and download the ebook, Success in 10 Steps. Pay special attention to Chapter 5 where you learn all about branding yourself. Check it out…its free.

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