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MLM Success Tip…It’s Not a Sales Business

MLM success is about working with people and developing relationship skills…regardless of what you’ve been told (and this is good news) IT’s NOT a SALES Business. To succeed in MLM you must become the person others want to follow..which means developing your own brand of personal power.

Daily Affirmations are The Key

The place to start is with daily positive affirmations…and I don’t mean one or two…I mean lots and lots…And if you are serious about your success that means hundreds and hundreds. Success is elusive if your subconscious is full of negativity so start by turning this around. A brilliant resource on this subject is the old classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. You may have read it years ago…..read it again.

On this very topic, Hill tells us that the subconscious mind is Ike a “fertile garden spot” in which weeds will grow abundantly if we don’t consciously plant more desirable crops. Notice the focus on consciously feeding positive thoughts to your subconscious via the conscious mind.

The tool for consciously influencing the subconscious mind is autosuggestion which Hill calls the “agency of communication between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind.” While this communication is continuous, we can interject our positive intent by carefully selecting the thoughts we “permit to remain in the conscious mind.” Notice how he italicizes the word permit to emphasize that we have conscious control over those thoughts when we put our focus there. Whatever is going on, we can always choose how we respond to it.

MLM Success Tips

Positive Self Talk: Your Inner Cheerleader

This means positive self-talk…as much as possible all day long. When we choose positive self talk we interrupt the unconscious flow of our default negative thoughts and emotions replacing them with positive. If you consistently feed your mind with 1000 (yup and I do mean 1000) or more positive affirmations per day you reach a point where the system goes on auto-pilot increasing the chances of beautiful blooms in the garden of your mind.

Tap Your Inner Cheerleader

It’s kind of like having your own inner cheer leaders constantly repeating positive slogans and urging you on to victory whether that is more subscribers to your email list, more money in the bank or more fulfilling relationships. At first they need to be pushed, and prodded and reminded to keep cheering…but once they get going they keep on cheering behind the scenes reminding your subconscious of what you are really about.

Interestingly Hill tells us to trick our subconscious into believing that the money (or other outcome) is there waiting for us and that it must “hand over” plans for acquiring it since it belongs to us. Of course you must believe this to be convincing.

Don’t Trust Your Reason

To help out he suggests handing the idea over to your imagination to come up with practical plans while at the same time warning “Do not trust to your reason when creating your plan.” Not relying on reason is a radical concept which for most of us is way counter to how we were taught. He is in essence saying your logic and reason are great tools but…they can lead you astray. Instead the much more powerful tools of imagination and visualization are what you can count on if you are truly ready to own your life. In other words, get out of your head and into your heart.


PS  Hill repeatedly emphasizes that success requires a Mastermind Group.  To learn more download the free eBook, Success in 10 Steps.

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