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Your Life’s Purpose Keeps You Young

What’s your life’s purpose?  And why should you care? If you want to feel young and here’s the critical point, happy into your old age it helps to have a reason, aka a life’s purpose.  That would be a reason to get an early start  every day, something that makes you feel excited and alive.  […]

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To Live Younger Longer, Create Good Health

If you want to live younger longer it helps to have great health.  If you don’t you may not think your longevity is such a great gift. Recently I attended a talk given by a different kind of  physician….definitely different from main stream medicine, but also in a different league from most alternative practitioners I’ve […]

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How to Have More Energy to Live Younger Longer

Would you like to live younger longer? Would you like to leap out of bed  with energy and enthusiasm looking forward to another exciting day?  When you think about what it takes to live younger longer, at the top of the list is energy. Children always have a lot more of it than adults…they can play […]

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