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How to Create a Profitable New Year

The New Year is full of possibilities and excitement.  The slate is wiped clean and we start all over again.

We breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the possibilities.  More income, better relationships, that trip we’ve always wanted to take but never wanted to spend the time or the money to make it happen will definitely happen this year, along with the new house, the new car….all of it seems possible and attainable…and it is.  So why do we so often get to December 31st full of regrets for what didn’t come to pass after all?

Profitable new year.

Profitable new beginnings require letting go of the past.

New beginnings suggest there is something old back there which you no longer want in your life…if not why begin again? The question is…is that where your focus is?  For example, are you still thinking about the time someone convinced you to pay good money for a product that would revolutionize your business and make you rich tomorrow…that turned out to be a total scam,  or the customer who bought all your products and asked for their money back three days later, or the person who took a lot of your time asking questions and acting interested and then enrolled in your network marketing company…but under someone else…and then proceeded to sponsor hundreds of people and  place one of the biggest orders in the history of the company…the list goes on.

All of this is in the past, but do you keep these events alive in your mind?

Come on…we all do this.  Unfortunately, while we focus on these negative, past issues, the rest of our life is moving on.  Monday becomes Tuesday, and then Wednesday and then Saturday and next thing we know its New Year’s eve again…only a year later.

I know all of this well, because I have lived it often in my life.  Once when I was in the real estate business someone I considered a  friend got access to some great leads through a relocation company.  Since she couldn’t work them all I thought wow, she’ll refer me a few of these and really help my business…which was not doing so well at the time.

However she informed me that she was going to give the leads to some new agents because they were so excited about the business and I wasn’t any more.  Definitely it felt like she slammed the door in my face…and on our friendship.  Today I find this incident amusing, but back then I couldn’t let it go.  I told everyone about it and because it was a good story got lots of support for how wronged I was.  All of that drama helped me feel justified in my anger towards this former friend, but it also kept me stuck in that negative place.

Actually, in retrospect I am  grateful for this incident because ultimately it was one of several key experiences that helped me realize I needed to move on and do something else…and she was right, I had lost much of my enthusiasm for the business.

Here are some steps to get to  this positive place more quickly with a shift in focus…

  1. Meditation.  Probably the single most helpful decision I ever made was to start meditating…which I did years ago.  Today I use a system of high tech meditation which is simple and easy to do and I practice it daily.  Meditation
    meditation and profitable new year

    Meditation helps tame anxiety and reduce stress.

    takes your focus off the exterior events of your life, helps tame the anxiety and negativity, and allows you to feel a profound sense of calm.  It’s easy to do, especially if you use the high tech system that I use.  Just put on your headset and close your eyes.  The technology does the rest.

  2. Positive affirmations.  Affirmations are great if they are stated in the present tense, are simple and are heart felt.  Try adding a phrase such as “in this moment” which draws your attention to the present and is more believable. For example, “Today, in this moment, I am excited about my life.”  Or “I am grateful for my family,” or “I love my house.”  In this moment anything is possible and believable, and…it’s all we have anyway.
  3. Smile.  Studies show smiling lowers your stress level which boosts your immune system.  So post reminders to yourself wherever you will see them regularly and remember to smile often.
  4. Go into your past and come up with times when you felt the very best…were happy, enthusiastic and full of life.  When things look bleak, sit quietly, take yourself back to one of these times and recapture that feeling to shift yourself back to a more positive place.

The bottom line here is to stay conscious, notice when you are shifting into negativity, and do what it takes to pull yourself out.  The pay off is a happier life…which means more energy and enthusiasm to do what you love to do..and isn’t that what it’s all about?

What tools do you use to shift yourself into a more positive place?


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8 Responses to How to Create a Profitable New Year

  1. Kim Stanbrook January 14, 2013 at 11:52 am #

    Hi Celeste,
    I have certainly used meditation – which tends to help me refocus and calm. Smiling is also great, as definitely changes state and affirmations are a way to focus on more positive things.
    Going for a pacey walk has also helped me in the past to change my state and thoughts, along with reflecting on things I am grateful for, to switch my though pattern.
    Great post on this important topic.
    Kim Stanbrook recently posted..Gratitude Unlocks Aspects Of Our LifeMy Profile

    • Celeste Smucker January 16, 2013 at 9:10 am #

      Hi Kim, I agree going for a walk can really help…and can be a meditation in itself. It all depends on your focus. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Bruno Buergi January 14, 2013 at 4:11 pm #

    Meditation is a great way to get inner peace and open the mind for new creative ideas. I use meditation on a daily basis and I won’t miss it. By the way, for some meditations I use also a high tech system.
    Bruno Buergi recently posted..Understanding About Home Based Business OpportunitiesMy Profile

    • Celeste Smucker January 16, 2013 at 9:09 am #

      Hi Bruno. Always happy to meet another meditator…and yes I think it is essential to achieve some balance in our busy world. Meditation has been an integral part of my life for years. I appreciate your taking the time to stop by.

  3. Anne Perez January 15, 2013 at 6:34 am #

    very true Celeste. Being negative harms us more than we realize. Whatever happens to us we have to remember that we are responsible for how we react to a situation and can choose to learn from it or let it ruin our day!

    • Celeste Smucker January 16, 2013 at 9:07 am #

      I definitely agree…and I think part of the challenge is to develop enough awareness to know when we are sinking into negativity so we can decide to make a change. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Adrienne January 15, 2013 at 11:16 am #

    Hey Celeste,

    I agree as well that when we dwell on things we are only hurting ourselves. I think these are hard lessons to learn at times but well worth the education and perhaps the experiences behind them for us to finally realize to just let things go.

    I do all that you suggest here as well. I meditate, I speak my afformations and I smile all the time. I must admit that I haven’t felt anything but happiness for about the past five years now. I’ve had my moment of course when I’ve lost a loved one but those are feelings that we have to deal with at the time.

    Thank you for this uplifting post and I’m going to be sure and make this an awesome day!

    Adrienne recently posted..How Are You Spending Your TimeMy Profile

    • Celeste Smucker January 16, 2013 at 9:06 am #

      Hi Adrienne…I know you are happy because it comes through in your blog posts and in the way you present yourself. And of course in all of your pictures you have a great smile. I’m glad to learn you are a fellow meditator! Thanks for your comment!

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